[Important] Common SSL errors and Tutorials

Many people have issues with SSL certificates here on ProFreeHost. That is why we created this article.

Please do NOT create a topic for any of the topics mentioned here, it will either be ignored or you will be given this link.

How to install an SSL certificate on ProFreeHost


The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name {your-domain}.

This is probably caused because you have either:

  • Registered for a wildcard certificate, which are not available on free hosting
  • You are uploading the CA_Certificate which is also not available on free hosting
  • You are actually trying to upload a certificate registered for another domain
  • The SSL certificate is not issued by a recognized SSL vendor like Comodo or GeoTrust

Let's Encrypt certificate validation cannot be passed

This is caused from the security system presented here, which unfortunately prevents let's Encrypt bots from accessing the folder with the files contained that are neccesary for verification.

Let's Encrypt cannot be implemented into Free Hosting at the time, however it is available to all premium accounts for free.

If you want it so badly however, check out the guide at the end.

There is no Green Lock or you get "Mixed content" error

If your website has an SSL certificate installed but you do not see a green lock, this is because the contents of your website do not use HTTPS.

All files must be loaded over HTTPS in order to get a green lock and fix that Insecure Content error.

My website is ruined after using CloudFlare SSL

If your website contents are ruined after activating CloudFlare and using SSL, the problem is caused because you may probably still have Full SSL selected, if you had followed this guide before.

Remember: Do never select Full SSL when on a ProFreeHost account. ProFreeHost does not have Self-Signed SSL certificates for every domain so you will not able to use Full SSL.

How to get a Let's Encrypt SSL for your website


To install it, you will have to follow our SSL installation guide above.


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